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CSA 2022
Week 2

Napa Cabbage

Usually you'll find this beutiful cabbage in stir fries or kimchi but it could also be used in cole slaw or even a wedge salad....

Bok Choy

Back again this week- crunchy and sweet! Already stir fried it? Maybe try a soup?

Lettuce Mix

Great in a salad or on a sandwich.

Tat Soi

This is an Asian green that looks like baby spinach but has a nice brassica kick. Add it to your salad raw or stir fry with the napa cabbage, bok choy and radishes. 


Bright red, crunchy and juicy. I love that strong flavor but if it's too much for you, try roasting or sautéing. When they're heated their texture and flavor soften- you won't even recognize them.


From Brookdale Farm in Hollis, NH. You could use them in a refreshing sangria or make them into a wonderful sauce to go on your favorite vanilla ice cream on a hot summer night.  Great ideas, but I usually end up eating them all before I can use them in a recipe.

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